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Impex Middle East Seafood Trading L.L.C

about us

About us

our Factory

The complex consists of standard processing halls, machinery, and required equipment and facilities such as flake-ice producing plant, shrimp sorter, plate freezers, tunnel blast freezers, cold storage units, packing, and other materials warehouses.

The complex is capable of taking delivery of 40 tons of shrimp per day for processing and supply of same to domestic and overseas markets.


at present, the company products, mainly fresh frozen shrimp are exported to European countries with E.C Code No. 706.

Pearl of the Caspian sea

In the southern part of the Caspian Sea, the Iranian coastal region is still an intact natural habitat offering the sturgeon of an ideal environment: clean water, abundant nutrition, and direct access to spawning areas in the revers.

Our intention is to keep it that way and to supply the best caviar for generations to come. Therefore, our commitment is to undertake every effort to preserve stocks, water, habitats, and the art of caviar making.

Sturgeons belong to those species of fish, which seek freshwater tributaries and ascend the river to spawn, they can live 100 years or more and it is therefore not surprising that the sturgeon’s prepuberty phase can last between 8 and 20 years, depending on the genus.


Worldwide, there are at least 27 different sturgeon species.

Five of them live in the Caspian Sea.

and the art of caviar making.

Our products

Our products

Caviar with toasted bread

Iranian Caviar
Toasted bread
Fresh lemon juice

Caviar with boiled egg

Iranian Caviar
A Boiled egg
Fresh lemon juice
freshly ground pepper

Caviar with smoked salmon and creme fresh

Iranian Caviar
Smoked salmon
Creme fresh
Fresh lemon juice

Caviar with Mashed potato

Iranian Caviar
Mashed potato (Puree)
Freshly ground pepper

The beluga

The beluga is remarkably strong vigorous large-mouthed and perpetually nomadic, stubbornly following its prey, shoals of whitefish. It can measure up to 6 meters in length and may weigh over 1000 kg. The normal size specimen range from 40 to 300 kg and yields about 15% of its weight in caviar.

Beluga caviar, light to dark grey, is highly esteemed due to its large granules and delicate skin: the lighter it is, the more you’ll want.